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Breaking News!

Church Bible Publishers is now a ministry of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Longview, TX!


For the first time since Dennis Deneau started the ministry of providing quality, leather Bibles, the vision of a local church doing the work of the Bible binding has become a reality. In 1991, while in Minnesota, Bro. Dennis Deneau had the first Bibles made at a bindery in Vermont. At that time, it was the highest quality that could be found made in America. In 1996, he moved the ministry from Park Rapids, MN to Lansing, MI where it continued to sell Bibles still made in Vermont. In 2006, when the bindery in Vermont was for sale, Lansing and its Pastor declined the opportunity to buy it and Bro. Dennis’ son, Rob Deneau, purchased the bindery equipment and started Gold Leaf Enterprises -  a business that operated as a ministry, providing made-in-America Bibles for several different churches. Rob and his family, manufactured Bibles for Lansing from April of 2007 to October of 2016. In April of 2016,  Dennis Deneau moved to Cadillac, MI and restarted Church Bible Publishers continuing his vision of producing high-quality Bibles at a reasonable cost. 

His son, Rob Deneau, and his family have stood in the gap, operating Church Bible Publishers in Cadillac, Michigan since 2016. However, the vision of both father and son has always been for the church to be the ones making the bibles.

Fast forward to 2021.

Through a series of phone conversations with Pastor Bob Gray II, a monumental (and providential) opportunity presented itself. Church Bible Publishers is now moving to Emmanuel Baptist Church of Longview, TX. This momentous occasion not only fulfills the vision of a local church manufacturing the bibles - but also puts the bindery in a strong position for future growth. As of this writing, CBP Longview  has retro-fitted a brand new maintenance building into 5,000 sq. ft. of office and production space to house the bindery. The staff and personnel are in place - and the good people of Emmanuel Baptist Church are squarely behind the vision of God’s people making bibles for God’s people!  

Bro. Rob Deneau will be teaching and training bindery staff in Texas for an ample period of time, to assure that the quality we have come to love remains as high as it is has been for the past 15 years. We will continue to use the same high-quality raw materials and the same manufacturing techniques to create beautifully hand-crafted King James Bibles. We are dedicated to maintaining a premier level of customer service ... and we will even keep the same phone number! 

Please take a moment to pray for this entire move, that transitions would go smoothly and we can be operational at full capacity in January of 2022.

You may visit the website of Church Bible Publishers HERE

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