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Pastor Bob Gray II was called to be the pastor on December 17, 2008. He is the sixth pastor of this Longview congregation. Before becoming pastor, he served as the youth pastor during which time he established the annual National Teen Convention.


Pastor Gray attended Texas Baptist College and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Ministries and a Master of Theology Degree. Pastor Gray has also received two honorary doctorates. 

Pastor Gray and his wife, Kelly, have been married since 1987. They have three children: Deanna, R.G, and Jordan. They have five grandchildren: Blake, Grayson, Natalie, Grant, and Chip. 

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Take a moment to enjoy the most recent sermon from Pastor Gray. We hope it's helpful and aiding in your walk with Christ. 

Guest Preacher Don Sisk - Sunday PM 07/14/2024

Guest Preacher Don Sisk - Sunday PM 07/14/2024

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