Training Hour Classes

Every Wednesday At 7 PM

EBC Little Sprouts

During every service, there are safe, clean, and well-staffed nurseries for children two years old and under. For the infants, mothers can request a pager so nursery attendants can easily contact you if there is a need.

EBC Pathfinders

EBC Pathfinders is our program for 3-year-olds. Here, your little one will be taught the basics of the Bible. In addition to Bible stories, songs, and games, this class will start training them on how to sit in church. 


EBC Littles

EBC Littles is a program built for our 4 & 5-year-olds. This program will further teach them the foundations of the Bible and will build upon the foundation already laid by their parents and the previous classes. 

EBC Kids

The goal of EBC Kids is to teach and train the youth with Bible truths and doctrines. We can accomplish this by showing them the Saviour that offers the gift of salvation which can be attained through a “child-like faith."

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412 Youth Group

The 412 Youth Department is for teens in the 7th-9th grade.  The goal of 412 is to let the teenagers know their youth is not a hindrance to serving God but rather a benefit. The Bible instructs them to use their youthfulness as an example of what a believer is. Following the example of 1 Timothy 4:12,  we provide an environment of Bible teaching, encouragement, and fellowship to build a young person to be the full potential God has for them.

Rise Up Youth Group

The Rise-Up Youth Department is designed for the 10th-12th grade. We believe in the youth of our church and community. We believe that God’s amazing plan in the lives of the youth does not start later, it begins NOW. We believe that the youth have what it takes to RISEUP and become exactly whom God intends for them to be NOW. We believe youth can make a difference in the lives of people NOW. 

Soul Purpose 

The goal of Soul Purpose is to assist single young adults as they seek to please the Lord in their personal walk with the Lord. The focus of this class is biblical training, Christian fellowship, and fervent prayer.