If you have taken the first step and accepted Christ as your Saviour, we encourage you to become part of a meaningful church ministry. It is important to recognize the need to spread the Gospel and to serve others. Our East Texas community is the focus of Emmanuel's "reBorn To Serve" ministry. Join us each Saturday at 9 AM. Let us help you find your serving team to begin your ministry to your community. Together, we can make a difference! 

EBC Kids Ministry

The Goal: To provide a safe, secure, and exciting atmosphere where children are taught the Bible at their age-level

Plan: To connect with the families of every child who attends our children's church service. 


Contact us to discover your part! 

Youth Team

The Goal: To cultivate a servant's heart in our 7th-12th graders by reaching the lost with the Gospel and by helping those in need 

The Plan: To provide supervised ministry opportunities for the 7h-12th graders to serve together in various areas of outreach on Saturday.

Interested in guiding our next generation?

Sunday School Ministry

The Goal: To encourage members and visitors to engage in attending a small group setting in which to learn the Bible each Sunday. 

The Plan: To organize a Sunday school team to connect with absentees, visitors, and members

We are all better together!

Bus Ministry

The Goal: To reach our community with the Gospel and to provide transportation to church for those in need

The Plan: Utilize Bus Teams which are assigned to various sections of our community under the direction of the Bus Director

Making a difference through compassion!

Nursing Home Team

The Goal: To share Christ and create a relationship with the aged and forgotten in our nursing facilities in Longview and surrounding communities

The Plan: To connect with the aged in the nursing home facilities and extend friendly invitations to an in-house Sunday service

Let's honor and care for those who came before!

Shut-In Ministry

The Goal: To love and care for members who are unable to attend church regularly due to health

The Plan: To fellowship and meet physical needs that may otherwise be neglected due to life circumstances

Let's let them know they aren't forgotten!